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Better bodies, better minds, better beings. MindBodyBuild® is a life coach in Reno, Nevada that takes a balanced approach to transform people’s lives. We go beyond just life coaching and strive to be a holistic personal wellness coach.

MindBodyBuild® is a company designed to make people fall in love with taking care of their holistic being. We believe that working with the Mind and Body are essential for whatever it is that you want to Build in your life. The vision of MindBodyBuild® is to guide the client into personal betterment and to consider their emotional well-being and discover wellness.

MindBodyBuild® understands that the clients experience is paramount, and they are their own expert. We are here to help guide and facilitate a transformational experience. The methods that we use are client specific, we know that every client has unique goals and vision.


This company knows that if you’re not thinking healthy and happy thoughts, the rest will not follow.  This is the first order of business.  To get your mind working at a productive rate such as providing coping solutions for stress, sleep deprivation, time management, etc.


Once your mind is in a healthy positive and motivated state, it’s time to focus on your body.  What you put into your body, food medication, etc. and how you treat your body, physical work, stretching, remaining stagnant.  These are all items that will be reviewed and modified in an effort to prepare your body for a healthy change.


It is time to start building your strength physically and most importantly, mentally.  Your goals and progress will be reported on a weekly basis and adjusted accordingly based on your development.  The goal is to assist you in building up to become the best version of yourself.

Ben Florsheim

Meet Life Coach, Ben Florsheim

Owner-Life Coach Ben Florsheim has always had a passion for helping others whether it be from his past struggles with addiction or helping people unlock their true potential. Ben found sobriety at the age of 21 and has been sober since 2008. Ben does not let his battle with addiction define who he is. His journey contributes much to the man he has become and strives to be. Through his recovery he has had to rediscover who he is, hobbies, passions, and goals. This is how Ben found his passion for physical fitness and wellness, he has worked tirelessly to help support individuals within his community, both physically and through his sobriety. Health and fitness hold a very special place in Ben’s life that he intends to pass onto his clients. Ben is able to provide a unique type of service to his clients, as he is able to apply his background and skills he has learned to create a new fresh and appealing way become healthy and get your mind and body on the road to an active more fulfilling lifestyle. Ben enjoys his family time, traveling, and you can usually find him at the gym.

Ben started with his first life coach at the age of 14 and did his first partswork mandala, through this experience it opened the door for his life coach Michael Jospe to become a mentor and lifelong friend. Working with Michael over the years has been a transformational experience for Ben in many ways, helping with a break up, soul direction, and what to do next in LIFE. When Ben founded MindBodyBuild® the dream was there, and the vision came. Helping people make their dreams reality through personal discovery has been the cornerstone of what Ben wants MindBodyBuild® to stand for.

Ben’s Qualifications

  1. Life Coach (Nature Connected Coach in Training)
  2. Bachelor’s Degree from University Nevada, Reno
  3. Action Certified Personal Trainer
  4. CPR/AED Certified
  5. Dr. Sears Health Coach
Naja Davis

Meet Nutrition Coach, Naja Davis

Naja’s obsession with fitness began over 10 years ago as a children’s ballroom dance instructor. She fell in love with inspiring people to move, and turned that love into a career in personal training. She currently lives and trains in Sacramento, CA. Naja truly eats, sleeps, and breathes this lifestyle. With over a decade of experience she is a nationally certified personal trainer, holds a degree in nutrition, and is a Nationally-qualified NPC Figure Competitor.  MindBodyBuild is lucky to have Naja as part of the team she brings the knowledge and experience that embodies what the brand is delivering to our clients.

Naja’s Qualifications

  1. NCSF Certified Personal Trainer
  2. Nutrition Degree University California, Davis
  3. Nationally-qualified NPC Figure competitor

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